Joe Reed
Vice President, Alternative Delivery
Relentless Ally since 1997

Before joining Balfour Beatty, Joe Reed spent 13 years as president and general manager of IMPulse NC, the leading provider of transit electrification equipment in North America. He also served as the managing director of EMC Traction S.r.l., a leading supplier of DC traction equipment in Europe. Throughout his career as a supplier and contractor, Joe has been heavily involved in the growth and evolution of the North American transit business. 

After a short retirement, Joe joined Balfour Beatty to lead the firm's entrance into the North American rail transit market as the vice president responsible for all of Balfour Beatty’s rail operations. He accepted the role as the company’s vice president of Alternative Delivery in 2014, in which he is responsible for Balfour Beatty’s pursuit of design-build and alternative delivery projects in the rail, highway and water markets. Joe serves on the Boards of the American Public Transportation Association and the US High Speed Rail Association.